Helen Fay

4 - 31 August 2021

Helen Fay's work is about the beauty, dignity and character of animals. She is an acute observer of how their nature can be expressed through poise, movement and behaviour. Her studies capture everyday, intimate moments such as a dog flopped on a chair after a long walk or watching the world whilst their owner stops for a coffee, seeking to capture the  small moments that surround us when we have animals in our life.

The images are pared down to a balanced simplicity that directs attention to the subject. Light is a critical consideration, even more so as her practice has developed to include backgrounds. Fay's influences include Japanese and Chinese prints and drawings and the 19th/20th Century European artists who were influenced by them. She also cites the landscape paintings of Mondrian and Schiele, the work of Bonnard, and the illustrators Thomas Bewick and Charles Tunnicliffe, both of whose works, rich with curiosity about the natural world, have been a lifelong inspiration. ​


The works featured here are Helen's latest dog studies, finished during 2020 and 2021. For a full list of Helen's work available through Glasgow Print Studio please click here.