6 - 28 May 2022

In 2020, staff and workshop members were invited to take part in make:connections, an artwork postal exchange project. Initiated by Sarah Stewart, Education Officer, the project aimed to tackle issues of isolation and address the impact on staff and members unable to access the facilities during Lockdown. It was important to support existing connections amongst staff and members, but was also an opportunity to encourage new connections to develop during this time.



Andrea Cardow, Ann MacDonald, Beth Farmer, Bronwen Sleigh, Christine Novosel, Danielle Banks, Diane Dawson, Drew Mackie, Elspeth Callaghan, Emma Booth, Fiona Watson, Fiona Wilson, Fouzia Zafar, Glen Coutts, Ian McNicol, Jane Molloy, John Moody, Joy Bain, Joyce Leitch, Justyna Goglin, Kerry Douglas, Kerry Patterson, Lin Chau, Linda Kosciewicz, Mary Land, Murray Robertson, Nadia Lucchessi, Naomi Brown, Norman Sutton Hibbert, Rachel Duckhouse, Rebecca Choi, Robin Webster, Rosalind Lawless, Sandi Anderson, Sarah Stewart, Selcuk Colakoglu, Sheila Cameron, Stuart Duffin, Theresa Malaney.



Each artist received an envelope by post with A5 paper, a return label and instructions to produce an artwork using any medium of their choice which conveyed a message, explored a concept or experimented with imagery or subject matter. 40 members took part and contributions spanned print, drawing, collage, embroidery, mixed media and digital processes. Some chose to convey a positive expression looking forward to better times, some reflected on simple everyday life events happening around them at the time and some dealt with issues of sadness or loss. Each participant's name was randomly selected and then sent a unique piece of work through the post in return. Throughout the project the importance of connection, friendship and community was highlighted, none more so, than when people began to receive the artworks in the post.

We invite you to come along to Glasgow Print Studio this May to view the creations, all together for the very first time.