Keyline: First Floor Gallery

16 February - 23 March 2024

A contemporary screenprint exhibition exploring themes of personal histories, portraits and identity - featuring GPS publications alongside works by invited artists. Curated by Claire Forsyth and Kristina Royer.



Sam Ainsley, Arrange Whatever Pieces Come Your Way, Danny Augustine, Claire Barclay, John Byrne, Scott Campbell, Christian Noelle Charles, Rabiya Choudhry, Spencer Dent, HAXTON by Fraser Taylor, Rosalind Lawless, Tim Mara, Scott Myles, Nkem Okwechime, Leena Nammari, Matthew Rich and Khadija Saye.


Showcasing a wide range of screenprinting techniques, Keyline creates a dialogue between the works of printmakers working in Scotland and dealing with themes of identity, portraiture and personal histories. The term 'keyline' in screenprinting refers to a boundary line that separates colour and monochromatic areas. Keylines can be thick and bold - acting as the glue that holds a composition together. Or they can be loose or invisible - created by the edge of colour itself.


In our personal lives, the keyline could be the boundary between ourselves and the world we reside in - our skin, our home, our beliefs. It could be boundaries we are forced into - whether it be pressure to conform to gender norms or societal expectations. A keyline can be mandated - when people are relegated to certain territories - mapped out by their oppressors or by geographical boundaries.


And like all maps, the keylines in our lives are constantly being reworked, reshaped, renamed and reinterpreted.